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Bumps on Nose Causes | Small, Big, Pimple, remedies, Treatment


Nose Bumps Causes, Small, Big, Painful Pimple on Nose Bridge Treatment

What are bumps on the nose?

Our skin can develop small bumps on the nose. These bumps on the nose can be of red colour with a white plug on its tip.  The bumps may develop deep down the pores. Oil glands get enlarge with the bulbous appearance of the nose in severe cases due to red bumps on the nose. The bumps may appear as inflamed cysts. They may or may not be itchy depending on the type of bumps.

Symptoms of bumps on the nose:

Small bumps on the nose are accompanied by various symptoms like skin redness, painful swelling and inflammation. Pain and development of nodules may happen with these bumps. These bumps are different from bumps inside the nose


Reasons of bumps on the nose:

Depending on the skin conditions there are several reasons for developing bump or pimples on the nose. Acne is one of the major reason of these bumps on the nose. Trapping of dirt and oil in the pores results in sensitive bumps. Rosacea, nasal cysts, eczema cause pimples like bumps. Rubber or resin allergens also cause pimples on the nose. Chemical products like soap, cosmetic products, unsuitable skin care products, etc. can be the reason of bumps.

Blackheads if left un-plucked can also cause pimples on the sides of the nose. Hormonal changes in our body during puberty trigger glands to produce excess sebum which clogs the pores resulting to bumps on the nose. Dietary deficiency like lack of Vitamin A which is essential for flawless skin can be the reason of bumps. Herpes simplex virus causes sores on sides of the nose. Bacteria may also invade during nose piercing.


Bumps on Nose Bridge
Bumps on Nose Bridge

Diagnosis of bumps on the nose:

If home remedies fail, then have a proper medical checkup by your dermatologist. He will inspect the cause of the problem and will suggest you proper medication or surgical removal. Bumps on the nose can be risky if left untreated. Seek proper treatment and cure to avoid a serious hazard in the long run.

Remedies of bumps on the nose:

Several remedies are available for pimples on the nose including benzoyl peroxide containing medicines, oral antibiotics, etc. The dermatologist may prescribe retinoid as medication. Several home remedies can also help you prevent bumps on the nose. Take cool bath daily to relieve pain and inflammation. Avoid popping bumps, makeup, scrubbing, harsh soaps, chemical based skin care products to prevent worse conditions of these bumps. Avoid sun exposure (ultra violet rays) that cause skin burn and ultimately skin cancer. Stop taking excessive hot beverages, alcohol, spicy foods to prevent bumps on the nose.  

Daily cleansing and moisturising keep your skin fresh, dirt and oil free which contributes to prevention from developing bulges on the nose. Cleanser with salicylic acid will help you get rid of dead skin cells. Aloe Vera, lemon, honey, tea tree oil, etc. maintains pH of the skin. A balanced diet is good for flawless skin. Little exfoliating scrub removes whiteheads and blackheads. Avoid excessive makeup or at least use oil free makeup when you have pimples on your nose. Reduce the intake of meat and caffeine that causes acne. Drinking lots of water are good. It is suggested to drink 8 glasses of water plus detox water on daily basis to flush toxins from your body.

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