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Fordyce Spots on Lips | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


What are Fordyce Spots, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Fordyce granules are sebaceous glands which are small and tiny spots often appear on the skin all around the mouth, especially on the lips. They often appear as the association of white or red granules or tiny spots on the lips, most often on the upper lip.

What are Fordyce spots?

Fordyce spots which usually appears on the sharp borderline of the upper lip, are harmless and they cause no pain or any long lasting effects. These spots occur when the Sebaceous glands are situated in inaccurate place. Sebaceous glands are the fatty areas beneath the skin, and their job is to secrete anything, and when these glands are located in the wrong position, they cause small spots to develop on the surface of the skin which is referred or known as Fordyce spots.

fordyce spots

What causes Fordyce spots to occur?

These spots are neither contagious nor virulent. Fordyce spots are mainly induced by the Sebum, which is the oily or lustrous material produced by Sebaceous glands of the skin. The oily material gets caught in the sebaceous glands. In most cases, the Sebaceous glands disclose into the orifices on the skin and its oily material is secreted up by the hair. But Fordyce tiny spots occur on the areas where there is no hair which makes it difficult in fact impossible for the skin to discharge the natural oily or waxy material produced by the skin, thus causing white or reddish spots to develop.

Majority people consider that the basic cause of Fordyce spots is Stress and tension. Even though it is a broadly declared faith. There is no clinical proof associating stress and tension to the Fordyce spots which appear on the upper lip.

Cure to Fordyce Spots

Sooner or later the Fordyce spots get cured without any medical care. Many people believe that it gets cure this way on its own, naturally. They are benevolent and harmless but some people consider these spots relating the matter of cosmetics, and for such people, there are various goods and products which can help them to get rid of these tiny and little white spots on the upper lip.

Dermatologists affirm that the Fordyce spots are natural and common corporal appearance and they are not risky or fatal for human health. Many dermatologists, in fact, recommend not to opt for any medical treatment.

There is no regular treatment for the cure of these spots. However, the dispersion of these spots can be reduced, and this can be attained by using following methodologies.

  • There is an alternative to treat Fordyce spots by Cryosurgery. This method engages that demolition of bumps utilizing cool temperature.
  • Certain products like Tretinoin Gel can be used to cure these spots as these products diminish the eminence of these spots considerably.

Most often coconut oil is used to treat Fordyce spots. When the coconut oil is applied on the spots located on the upper lip, the spots get reduced slowly and gradually with the passage of time.

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