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Painful Pimple Inside The Nose | Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


What are the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of a painful pimple inside the nose?

A bump inside your nose can be an indication of an infection inside your nose. Nasal infection (vestibulitis or furuncles) is caused by bacteria which leads to a cluster of red bumps at the opening of nostrils. Nasal furuncles are infections deeper than vestibulitis and are comparatively more severe condition of pimples inside the nose.

Causes of a pimple inside the nose:

The sebaceous gland which produces oil called as sebum is present in tiny openings called as pores that contain hair follicles. This oil keeps skin soft. Excess oil and dead skin cells block these pores which cause a pimple in the nose. Bacteria also invades these pores that cause redness, itching, and inflammation making the pimple inside nose more painful. Staphylococcus bacteria and frequent blowing of the nose cause nasal vestibulitis. On the other hand, nasal furuncles lead to cellulitis causing swelling, patchy red area, and skin dimpling.

Males tend to clip long hair inside the nostrils. They use clipper with sharp blades for this purpose that may cut the membrane as a result of which an infection develops leading to painful pustules. Picking and popping the pimple increases the chances of bacterial infection. Patients who are subjected to lupus, vasculitis or cellulitis suffer from painful bumps inside the nose. Contaminated water and dirty hands with which you touch your skin increase the risk of pimples inside the nose.

Pimple inside Nose
Pimple inside Nose

Symptoms of pimples inside the nose:

Following are the symptoms of a pimple inside the nose:

  • The Pimple may convert to painful bump inside the nose.
  • These pimples may be followed by a headache.
  • A pimple may get bulging, inflamed or swelled.
  • Fever may follow painful bump inside the nose.
  • The victim may face disorder of nasal breathing.

Diagnosis of painful bump inside nose:

Seek thorough medical checkup for a pimple inside the nose when you undergo painful red rash, severe headache, inflammation with pus, etc. Seek your dermatologist if a pimple inside the nose gets worse. The doctor will conduct a physical examination of your nose. He will then prescribe appropriate medication (antibiotics). The doctor prescribes surgery when the acne turns into an abscess.

Treatment of a pimple inside the nose:

Depending on the cause the pimples inside the nose are treated differently. A typical pimple caused by acne is treated with common home remedies. On the other hand, antibiotics are suggested if bacteria are the reason behind the painful bump in your nose. Antibiotic ointments (Betnovate, bacitracin, cefazolin, linezolid, and mupirocin) are applied on the infected area. Intravenous antibiotics are prescribed for the treatment of severe infection. Anti-inflammatory medicines (ibuprofen or acetaminophen) relieve the pain of bump inside the nose.



Apply compresses a day thrice to mitigate the pain and irritation caused by a pimple. Apply salt and warm water solution with a cotton bud on the sore place. Tea tree oil is natural antiseptic thus a natural treatment for infected area. Apply tea tree oil daily with a cotton swab. Sometimes it is better not to touch a pimple and let it heal to avoid serious risk. Use hygienic items and uncontaminated water with which you wash your face.

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