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Small Bumps on Nipples Causes | areola spots around Nipples Treatment


Small Bumps Bumps on Nipples, Areola Spots around Nipples, Causes, Treatment

What are small bumps on nipples? There are many women who have a lot of questions because they have small bumps around their nipples. They want to know what they are and are it normal to have a pimple like bumps around them. It depends because sometimes these bumps can cause severe itchiness. Sometimes they swell and become red. So you have to find out the cause of this problem and it is necessary to consult your doctor to know the right answers. In this article, we are discussing small bumps on Nipples. 

Bumps on the Nipples – What can be the Cause?

In this condition, the nipples have some itching and pinhead-like bumps around the nipples.  Most of the people think it is the general indication that you are going through breast cancer but there are some other cause and possibilities as well. There are some Montgomery glands that are present around the nipples and their presence is just normal. These glands are visible in Male and Female nipples around the areola. You can not call them pimples. These glands are present in the form of bumps and they are present in areola area around nipples. These glands perform a very important function to moist the nipples with a white fluid when the mother is breastfeeding her child.

They are same like the color of your areola and they also become prominent when the women are sexually aroused. They also enlarge in this condition. The color of the bumps depends on the general complexion of the body and sometimes they can be red and pink in color. The problem comes when they are more prominent and itching. Immediately consult your doctor if it is discharging a pus-like fluid.

Pink, Yellow, and White Spots on Nipples

All the pores in the normal nipples are generally open and it happens always. It happens sometimes that they get blocked. There are many reasons that doctors suggest. It can be due to the thickening of milk in the pimples and these pores can be blocked due to extra skin on them. Sometimes spots appear on nipples that can be of a different color like pink, yellow, and white. This condition is also associated with mastitis. These are many signs and symptom of this problem.

  • The mother feels pain in the nipples during breastfeeding.
  • The skin around the white spots gets reddish and it also becomes inflamed.
  • Sometimes there is the presence of hard breast tissues which is inside the inner pores of the nipples.

 Take Care of this Condition

If you are feeling a lot of discomforts then you should immediately consult your doctor. Wash your breast with a mild cleanser and do not intake a lot of sugary food items. It is very important to avoid breastfeeding your child if you are diagnosed with this problem and you have to do it until all the conditions and infection is completely gone. Avoid nipple piercing. Avoid smoking when you are breastfeeding your child. Never squeeze the bumps and do not scratch them.

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