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Small Red Spots on Tongue | Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


Small Red Spots on Tongue, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Small Red spots on the tongue can be very uncomfortable sometimes. Mostly they are completely harmless. There is no need to even treat them. But sometimes dark spots on the tongue can be a result of some serious chronic disease that should be treated as soon as possible. The reason behind these spots can be identified easily in some cases but if the condition gets severe then a proper check-up is needed for a correct diagnosis. Once the real problem is diagnosed then it becomes easy to treat the spots. There can be several reasons for red bumps on the tongue but common reasons can be.

Causes & Symptoms

  • Very high or constant fever can cause red bumps or spots on the tongue. The fever causes a rash on the skin that also covers the tongue and bumps are formed.
  • Some people are allergic to some conditions. Red bumps can also be a result of some severe allergic reaction. The allergic reaction causes spots or bumps on the tongue¬†that can be treated with anti-allergic or antihistamine tablets.
  • In a few cases, red bumps or spots can be a result of a severe reaction from any medical drug. If anyone is allergic to any drug then a dosage of such drug even can cause a reaction inside the body and spots are formed.

Burning can also cause spots or bumps on your tongue. Such a condition should get a prompt treatment from a burn specialist.

  • Anemia is a condition in which the body becomes blood deficit or in simple language lack of blood cells in a body. If someone is having such condition then it is possible that spots or bumps on the tongue can occur.
  • Last but not the least, tongue cancer can be the most painful condition in which spots and bumps are formed on the tongue. One should get a prompt check up from the oncologist and get it treated.
  • In some cases, red bumps can be due to oral ulcers or mouth ulcers. Acidity in your body can be one fine reason for mouth ulcers. Bumps formed from mouth ulcers are painful and irritating sometimes. The increased amount of acid causes a disturbance in the digestive system.
  • Vitamin and other essential component deficiency like minerals can also cause red spots on the tongue. The major vitamin that causes this deficiency is B12. If you are experiencing such spots then vitamin B12 supplements can help treat this problem. As mentioned earlier anemia or iron deficiency can also cause this condition.

Red Spots Treatment

Besides all these reasons behind red spots on the tongue, there are some quick treatments or remedies that can help treat the problem. Mix a little amount of salt in Luke warm water and gargle in your mouth. This will not only relax but will also prevent the infection to spread. Maintain a good hygiene routine and use a good anti-bacterial mouthwash. You can use baking soda to reduce the inflammation and milk of magnesia can also be a good remedy. Cold therapy can also be helpful in reducing the redness of the tongue.


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