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Small White Bump on Eyelid | Stye on Edge & inside Eyelid


Small White Bump on eyelid, Stye on Edge & inside eyelid, Symptom, Treatment & Causes,

White bumps on eyelids are sometimes also called stye on the eyelid. They can be ignored in most of the cases as they are not painful. These bumps are usually white or red. White bumps are filled with puss or clear fluid. The bumps that are filled with puss are painful. They are caused due to some infection. The bumps on eyelids are also caused due to the blockage of the glands that produce oil for the lubrication of the eye area, as this area has more oil producing glands than other parts of the face. One reason can also be the hygiene. If the dead cells of the eye area are not properly sloughed off, then this condition can occur. Sometimes these bumps are also formed due to the collection of protein under the skin. A collection of protein under the skin causes a bump that is white but is not painful.

Stye on the eyelid is mostly formed as the result of some bacterial infection. There are a bacteria present in our eyelids named staphylococcus. If the growth of this specific bacterium gets out of control, then it can cause such problems like the stye. The stye formed is painful, swollen and filled with pus.

White bumps on eyelids can also be caused by a gland named meibomian that secretes some substance that helps in keeping the eyelashes moist. Sometimes these glands become clogged, and the blockage causes a white bump on the top.

Some bumps like Milia are caused because the dead skin cells are not properly sloughed off from the eye area. This condition is common among children and newborns because the dead skin cells are not properly removed.

Sometimes an allergic reaction to the skin can also cause bumps on eyelids. The allergic reaction can be from any drug or even food intake. It’s easy to treat bumps caused due to this reason. An anti-allergic or anti-histamine tablet can help cure the condition.

In few cases, bumps usually don’t have any proper reason. They can occur due to the dryness of skin when the glands stop producing enough oil that keeps your skin moisturized. High cholesterol level can also cause bumps on eyelids. Even if the bump on the eyelid is not painful, it is bothering and spoils your beauty. These bumps can also affect your vision if not treated properly on time.

Treatment of these bumps depends on the reason for their occurrence. Bacterial infection can be treated with a complete dose of antibiotic. Some bumps are also treated by cosmetic surgeries. Apart from these treatments, there are some home remedies that can cure this condition. A cloth soaked in warm water can be applied to the bump. One should stop the use of any cosmetic if you have bump or stye on the eyelid. Contact lenses should not be worn. If your bump is filled with puss, then don’t try to puncture or squeeze it as this will make the condition worse.

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