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Small White Bumps on Lips | Problem, Cause & Prevention


Small White Bumps on lips, Upper and lower lip That Cause Irritation & Pain

Small Lips Bumps are sometimes very annoying for us. There are several types of lip bumps, and reasons are also different for each of them. Such bumps can be a result of any allergic reaction as well mouth tumors can be a cause too. Tiny bump on lip can be red toned or even white. Sometimes lip bumps are hardly noticeable. They can appear under the skin. Lip bumps sometimes can be a white pimple in the lip. A white pimple on the lip is also filled with puss in some cases. These bumps can occur due to several reasons. Let’s see some of its common causes.

Painful Bumps On Lips

Sometimes bumps are very acute, and sometimes they are very painful. Small bump on the upper and lower line of the lip can be a result of some allergic reaction. An allergic reaction can also cause chronic bumps. In some cases, lip bumps can occur due to unhygienic skin conditions. When people don’t take care of their routine and hygiene, such skin conditions are normal. Mucoceles are bumps that are caused by the blockage of salivary glands. The blockage of salivary glands can also have several reasons. If you are having some types of skin irritation, then bumps can also occur. Last but not the least the most chronic condition of lip bumps can be cancer. The tumor can cause different types of lip bumps especially oral cancer. Many types of lip bumps can be ignored, and even they are harmless, but lip bumps caused by tumors or cancers can have really bad effects on health.

Bump on Lips Prevention

White bump on the lip can be prevented by having a good hygiene routine and cleansing your skin regularly. Bumps if not treated or taking care of good hygiene routine can turn into a red bump on lip. The only way to prevent lip bump from occurring is to maintain a good skin care routine. Cleanse your lips and take care of your oral health regularly to avoid this type of inconvenience because lip bumps can not only be painful but also ruin your appearance and beauty.


Lip Bumps Problem

How to get rid of white bumps on lips? If we talk about the treatments of such lip bumps they are many, depends on the type of lip bumps you are having. It depends on what caused your bump. You can consult a dermatologist for proper treatment, and there are some home remedies for Spots as well. Dermatologists usually prescribe antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic to treat such skin conditions. If you have lip bumps as a result of some allergic reactions, then the best possible treatments for such bumps is an anti-histamine tablet or oral suspensions. An antihistamine can reverse the effect of the allergic reaction in some time. Sometimes only one dose is enough but multiple doses are also needed depends on the severity of the condition. If you have bumps as a result of tumor or cancer, then it is difficult to treat them permanently or for a long time. You can get them again. Sometimes surgery is needed to remove it, or chemo radiations is another treatment.


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