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Small White Spots on Gums | Sores, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


White Spots on Gums, Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies

The human body works in so well maintained manner that even a slight ailment causes irritation and bad feelings in the whole body. That’s how our whole body is connected as one single entity. It is not an area of the field specified to doctors merely to know how to deal and who to consult with in case of any such disturbance caused either by the environment, or environmental elements say microorganism etc. It is same with the case if one is having a tooth ache or bleeding gums or white Small spots on gums one knows he requires immediate precautionary measures regarding dental care along with an appointment to some dentist. One should not let go things easy; devil may care way as it may lead to serious health hazards.


So one needs to know what these white spots on gums are. A person may suffer from having thick white spots on the inner side of the cheeks inside the mouth sometimes around the tongue and at gums. The catastrophe of such an ailment is that they can’t be rubbed off the surface and don’t let patient relish whatever one wants to have lunch, breakfast or dinner. Chewing becomes painful. It’s become embarrassing to attend public because of bad breath.

White Spots on Gums


One wonders what causes these small spots on gums. Well, it’s not hard to know that. Chronic usage of alcohol in excess is thought to be the major cause of white bumps on gums beside the excesses of tobacco in tobacco addicts. Hormonal changes in girls at their teen ages in puberty also cause white spots on gums. Chemotherapy treatment or other of the sort for cancer also a reason white spots on gums. AIDS causes white spots on gums.


Considering white swollen spots on gums a serious havoc to one’s health one must consult an oral surgeon or dentist immediately before it drags one down in some serious trouble. Early detection of any of health issue is easy to handle.


The natural way of curing a disease or to avoid any disease is the way open to all and sundry besides being cheap and reliable. Best way to cure gums disease it to brush one’s teeth regularly twice a day. Most recommended by a dentist as daytime and before going to bed.To purchase herbal tooth pastes as they have a green mark at the bottom of the tube which is an indication of it’s herbal. Timely dental checkups are another key factor to avoid white spots on gums.



Natural remedies are always easy to finds in one’s kitchen anytime. Mustard oil which has pain-reducing qualities and olive oil is best for to remove bumps on gums or other inflammation. Aloe vera is almost found to everyone’s lawn has anti-inflammatory properties. Eating fruits and vegetables is beneficial as antioxidants in these greens help fight against white bumps on gums along with other diseases relating to gums and teeth.

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