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Vertical Ridges and Lines on Fingernails | Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


White Vertical ridges and Lines on Fingernails, Causes, Treatment, Symptoms

White Vertical ridges on nails are the apparent white lines on the nails that can occur due to several reasons. One of the major reasons can be the damage to the nail bed. Our nails are made from a number of layers that include different components. Keratin is one of those components. Keratin is a protein that is not only found in nails but also in our skin and hair. Keratin deficiency in our nails can also lead to vertical ridges on fingernails. Most of the times these type of ridges are harmless. Apart from keratin deficiency, aging can be the reason behind ridges on nails.

If we talk about the causes of such ridges on fingernails, then there are no such reasons that you need to worry about. In most of the cases, aging is the only reason for vertical ridges on nails. These ridges start from the nail bed and extend till the tip of the nail. These are white lines that can spoil the appearance of your nails. There is no need to worry about their occurrence. As mentioned earlier they are completely harmless and nothing related to your health. The condition usually gets intense when you get older.

If you have vertical ridges that are affecting your nail edges and splitting them, then you should worry about, because such conditions should be treated accordingly. This condition can be a result of major health related diseases like thyroid and blood deficiency. Still, it’s not difficult to treat such conditions. If the diagnosis is clear, then medicines and supplements can treat such conditions. One other concern about ridges is a calcium deficiency. It is an emerging problem these days, especially in women. As we know that our nails have calcium as an important component and we start losing it, then such ridges can occur.

Another reason for nail ridges can be your skin conditions. Different skin conditions can also lead to ridges on nails. Eczema is a skin condition in which skin becomes extra sensitive and dry and can cause extreme dryness and rashes. If you have eczema then most probably you can also have nail ridges. As nails are also made from the living less that constitutes your skin. So any skin condition can have a direct relationship to your problems related to nails. Most of the times vertical ridges are nothing to worry about, but if your nails are changing color, then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Damage of cells can also cause ridges on nails. The chronic diseases that can cause this condition can be diabetes, thyroid glands, and anemia. Symptoms of ridges can cause roughness, bleeding under nail bed, split edges and torn nails. You can get the cause of nail ridges diagnosed and get it treated. If you have them due to any disease then treating that disease can also treat this nail condition. If you have ridges due to the deficiency of any vitamins, then your physician can recommend some supplements to you.

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